Plans for non residents


Medical Insurance for non-residents.

As stated; under current rules, you need to have a visa of at least 2 years duration in order to qualify for both non-emergency State Health Services and the standard medical insurance policies above.

If you fall into this category you do not have many options when it comes to medical cover; but the one option that you have is a good one…

The SmartStay plan from Accuro has been designed specifically for temporary visa holders who are not eligible for state health services, with cover and benefit levels almost the same as those offered under standard plans.

The Accuro Smart Stay brochure is available here

To work out your premium for the various plan options available, we recommend using the premium calculator on the Accuro website @

If you would like to proceed with this then the best method is to complete the online application @

(If you do complete an online application then please enter “Stephen Vosper, Buckingham Cape Financial Advisers” in the adviser section, as this will allow us to keep you updated on your application)